Walking to the moon

deepsouth due north

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Couch confessions

Now with countless television series and uncountable movies I have successfully spent over a month on my parents couch. This unsuspected stent has all been in hopes of healing my injuries to return to the trail in the good time. With two failed attempts of returning, my legs are still in need for more rehabilitation. With that all in consideration I’ve concluded that the third time is bound to be the charm. You know what that means Appalachian trail i’ll be seeing you in years to come. While weighing my options, I manically searched and applied for summers jobs. To my sweet surprise I landed a six month internship with ACE constructing and maintaining trails. For all the wonderful and forever memorable individuals I met on the trail I wish you the best. Enjoy the rest of time and I hope to watch the rest of your adventure unfold to the top of Katahdin,